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Frequently asked questions

Does Rolfing Hurt? 


The first thing people usually hear about Rolfing is about its age old reputation for being painful. That myth is no longer true, at least not in my practice. My clients typically report that Rolfing feels like satisfying deep pressure. There are many times, especially when working with inflamed tissue, the work will feel very gentle. My clients’ level of comfort during sessions is always respected and the work should never feel anything more than intensely pleasurable.


Do the Changes From Rolfing Last?


Yes. Clients routinely report the changes from Rolfing to be long lasting and life changing.  The main goal of the work is to change habits such as compensatory holding and pain patterns, muscular bracing, and everyday movements like sitting, standing, walking, bending etc.  Since Rolfing addresses each person as a whole, old patterns are replaced by new healthier and more efficient ones which become easier and more natural for the body to maintain.


Do I Have to Do the 10-Series?


No. While Rolfing is most effective in the context of a series of sessions, it is not necessary to complete a certain amount.  Often the patterns and habits that we are addressing have been present for years - if not decades - and learning takes time.  Just like with studying a new language or playing a new instrument, repeated lessons with time spent practicing in between, makes the learning happen.  


How Often Should I Receive Rolfing?


Usually the best results with this work will come with an initial burst of sessions.  Most clients find that once per week is the most efficient pacing of integrating the changes from the work and for learning new ways of living in their bodies.  In cases of either acute or continued care, the pacing can easily be adapted to come more or less frequently as needed. 


What Should I Wear?


Rolfing is often a lot more interactive than many forms of bodywork and clients may be up and down off the table several times during a typical session.  Many clients choose to wear shorter gym clothing or something they would wear to hot yoga.  Access to bare skin is very helpful but clients' comfort always comes first.  

How Much Does Rolfing Cost?


The rate for sessions is $165


 Lower rates for children under sixteen are always available; reduced rates for those in need are available on a case-by-case basis. Payments can be made by cash, Venmo, Payapl, credit card, or check.




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