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First Session

Lets have a consultation

First, we’ll discuss your health history, goals, and expectations. I will address any questions you may have about how I work and what we will try to accomplish in our sessions together. Then I will be evaluating your body structure both standing and walking. You can wear your under garments, running shorts, and/or a sports bra during your evaluation.

Manual Therapy Techniques

Second, I’ll ask you to lie on the massage table and use manual therapy techniques to release your strain patterns. A large part of my work is also helping to bring awareness to your own specific patterns and finding comfortable alternatives for your daily life.  At the end of the session, I usually give you exercises to practice at home which builds on your foundation.

Planning Your Sessions

Last, we’ll plan. Rolfing is done in a series of 10 sessions, each building upon the last, lasting anywhere from 75 to 90 mins. I recommend scheduling 1 to 2 weeks apart. Every session has a corresponding theme, objective, and territory of the body that is explored. This makes each session like a lesson whereby you become more familiar with how your body works.

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