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“I am 62 and an attorney who sits at a desk most of my day. I have two replaced knees and have treated for high blood pressure for over 30 years. I have long been a skeptic of alternative medicine; especially something so "touchy-feely” as Rolfing.


I underwent the 10-series with James without any expectations of life or body change. On both counts, James and the Rolfing sessions have been remarkable.


I am standing and sitting up straighter. I am now walking every morning before work; my body is looser (my phrase) and I do not ache the way that I did before undergoing the sessions with James.


An incidental benefit has been that my blood pressure is significantly lower and is staying at my new low level.


I expected Rolfing sessions to hurt, they did not. I expected James’ calm demeanor and way of explaining what he was doing to give me a sense of peace during our sessions, I was not disappointed.


I wholeheartedly encourage even the strongest skeptic to give James and his Rolfing 10-series a chance to change both your body and your outlook.”- Rand

I gotta tell you man. Practicing is so so much fun with all this Rolfing. It’s a blast feeling all these new pathways opening up.  It’s like your laying down new train tracks or channels. I gotta say thank you


First and foremost - I felt like you really listened. A lot of people who do body work pretend to do that but they don’t. I mean both verbal and physical - especially when you “listened” to my feet - or whatever you were doing - you seemed to know just what to do. So many people have a routine that they stick to and rarely listen to what your actual issues are and how you body responds to their work.- Teri

Thank you for the work and especially the way in which you explained what you were doing. I felt like I could follow you and get a better idea what was changing in my own body. Very easy to work with


James is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have ever worked with


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