Rolfing  Session

Rolfing is a type of bodywork that has the client and Rolfer working together to unwind, support and balance a person's body. The goal of Rolfing is to help clients move better, experience improved posture and greater muscle balance, reduce pain and stress and feel more energetic. Rolfing is also an educational process of learning about your body and what you can do to help yourself look, feel and move better. All 


140 sessions 90 minutes

Personal Training 

Many athletes and performers use Rolfing to help them perform better on the playing field or on stage. Whether you are an athlete or just wanting to stay in shape, Rolfing can assist you to become better at what you do. Professional baseball and basketball players and even Olympic skiers have used Rolfing as a tool to help them compete. Professional dancers and musicians also use Rolfing to help keep their bodies free and mobile for their concerts and performances.


80 sessions 50 minutes

Rolf Series

Rolfing is accomplished over ten sessions working with the soft tissues (fascia and muscle) of the client. The Rolfing practitioner applies slow pressure with fingertips, hands or forearm to address different layers and sections of the fascial sheaths, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. While the pressure is applied, the client may be asked to perform movements to aid in releasing the muscle. The client actively participates while lying on the table, seated, or standing upright.