Rolfing  Session

Rolfing is a type of bodywork that has the client and Rolfer working together to unwind, support and balance a person's body. The goal of Rolfing is to help clients move better, experience improved posture and greater muscle balance, reduce pain and stress and feel more energetic. Rolfing is also an educational process of learning about your body and what you can do to help yourself look, feel and move better. 

70 minutes


Outdoor Luxurious Rolfing

Treat yourself to some deep healing outside under a sycamore tree. On a sunny day, there is no better place to be. 


 Option to incorporate crystal tone Singing bowls and chimes to make it a full sensory experience. 

90 minutes


Rolfing  Session x 10

Pay for a ten series upfront and a private hour-long pilates or personal training sessions. I have a Pilates Reformer and Tower that is good for the spine. Great before a session even better in between sessions.