Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing is a type of body manipulation that treats recent and lifelong patterns of strain in the body and its connective tissue. It's an effective way to reduce pain from the weight of gravity.

Pricing: $140 (75 minutes)

Package of Three: $400 

save $20

Package of Ten: $1240

save $160


Coaching, Rolfing, and Personal Training

Combine Personal Training mixed with Yoga and pilates along with Rolfing ten series. Movement sessions can aim at walking more effeciantly to ways to work on daily practice to stay healthy


10 Rolfing Sessions

3 Rolf Movement

2 Personal training

15 sessions: $1500


Thank you for the work and especially the way in which you explained what you were doing. I felt like I could follow you and get a better idea what was changing in my own body. Very easy to work with -Mike

First and foremost - I felt like you really listened. A lot of people who do body work pretend to do that but they don’t. I mean both verbal and physical - especially when you “listened” to my feet - or whatever you were doing - you seemed to know just what to do. So many people have a routine that they stick to and rarely listen to what your actual issues are and how you body responds to their work. - Teri