Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing is a type of body manipulation that treats recent and lifelong patterns of strain in the body and its connective tissue. It's an effective way to reduce pain from the weight of gravity.

Pricing: $140 (75 minutes)

Package of Three: $378 save $42

Package of Ten: $1200

save $200



This reflexology-inspired treatment begins with a neck massage, followed by a focused massage treatment for your feet to bring greater relaxation and balance to your whole body.

50 minutes: $100

Package of three: $270 save $30 


Meditative Massage 

My massage incorporates energy centering and breathwork to bring the entire being into greater harmony.


50 minutes: $105

80 minutes: $150

Package of Three for 50 minutes: $283 save $31.5

Package of Three for 80 minutes: $405 save $45


Integrated Energy Work

James combines specific hand positions with gentle pressure to clear blocks that suppress energy and cellular memory. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

50 minutes: $90

80 minutes: $140

packages of three (50 minutes): $243 save $27

packages of three (80 minutes): 378 save $42


Sound Bath

Sound Bath With Crystal tone Singing bowls, tuning forks, and gentle bodywork to incorporate the changes. 

50 minutes: $90

packages of three (50 minutes): $243 save $27


Thank you for the work and especially the way in which you explained what you were doing. I felt like I could follow you and get a better idea what was changing in my own body. Very easy to work with -Mike

First and foremost - I felt like you really listened. A lot of people who do body work pretend to do that but they don’t. I mean both verbal and physical - especially when you “listened” to my feet - or whatever you were doing - you seemed to know just what to do. So many people have a routine that they stick to and rarely listen to what your actual issues are and how you body responds to their work. - Teri