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Treatment of Pain and Injury

Aka: “fix-it” sessions. If a client has very specific pain issues that need addressing right away then this is the session for you. The caveat here is that it is not always the best approach if the goal of the client is whole body transformation / response. It’s more about getting the client back on their feet and able to work or play again. Or even to resume Rolfing work that is dedicated to the entire body’s holistic wellness.

A Typical Session

The applications are endless here really. If your low back suddenly went out, you suddenly have neck pain, your wrist pain is preventing you from making a deadline on a report at work, etc. Rolfing as a system combined with my knowledge of interventions we can work together to get you back in the game. In short, most pain issues I can treat or at least alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing and this is far better than taking pharmaceutical pain killers or getting what might be a needles surgery. As always I bring all of my skills (myofascial work, movement re-education, visceral manipulation, nerve manipulation, joint release)  to the table to address your particular issue. Treatment for pain and injury sessions are usually done in a 90 min. format.

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