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Rolfing Structural integration is Holistic

There are two main approaches to this work. The First: helping client's connective tissue or Fascia regain fluidity, reduce inflammation, and down regulate somebody's nervous system throughRolfing, Manual Therapy, Visceral manipulation, venous-lymphatic work, etc.  When tissue is feeling healthy, it can open up a window for change. The Second: Somatic Movement Therapy as known as Rolf movement explores client's posture, creates opportunity for ease and stability, and promotes personal agency into the felt sense. 

  • Enhanced Body Awareness: Somatic movement therapy enhances the client's awareness of their body, which complements the structural changes achieved through Rolfing.

  • Sustainable Change: While Rolfing addresses the physical structure, somatic movement therapy helps integrate and maintain these changes through mindful movement.

  • Holistic Healing: Both modalities address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the body, promoting overall well-being and balance.


“As someone who has dealt with anxiety and stress-related physical issues, I found the combination of somatic movement therapy and manual therapy with James to be exceptionally beneficial. The somatic movement exercises helped me become more aware of my body and its reactions to stress, while the manual therapy provided immediate relief from muscle tension and pain. This holistic approach not only improved my physical health but also enhanced my mental and emotional well-being. James's integrative methods have given me the tools to manage stress better and live a more balanced life.” Emily R

“Before I started Rolfing with James, I struggled with chronic pain and felt disconnected from my body. Each session was a revelation, helping me to understand and release deep-seated tension. The gentle, mindful movements allowed me to reconnect with my body and emotions in a way I never thought possible. James's compassionate guidance and expertise have been transformative. I now move with greater ease, and my overall sense of well-being has significantly improved. I highly recommend James to anyone seeking holistic healing.”
— Sarah M.




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