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What is the ten series?

The Ten Series is a method in Rolfing® Structural Integration that systematically works on specific regions of the body with the goal of synergistic healing and reversing the negative or harmful effects that gravity can have on the body. This sequence of 10 sessions is essential for optimizing the body’s ability to provide support. Many different manual touch techniques are used to gently lengthen, stretch and redirect the fascia into a place of greater synergy. The contact from the work renews spatial perceptions and optimizes support, which then provides a more detailed 3-D mental map or awareness of the body. This is crucial for affecting chronic patterns of pain and thus establishing needed functional efficiency.


No Ten Series session will ever be the same, as each is uniquely catered to establish a higher level of support that compliments each person's individual structure. The Ten-Series can be completed over the course of several months with each session usually spaced out between one or two weeks. This time is important because it allows the body to adjust and adapt to the shifts. Even months after completion of the Ten-Series, the body will continue to adapt and change to the new postural pattern.


The positive changes from the Ten Series can stay with someone for many years or longer and provides more profound results than singular isolated sessions alone. Furthermore people may choose to come back for additional work (typically 3-5 sessions) after their series. A recommended waiting period of 3 to 6 months is encouraged to be taken in order for integration of the previous work to settle.


Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.
Creator of Structural Integration

Sessions 1-3. The Sleeve

The first 3 sessions focus on "Opening the Sleeve" of the body (the superficial layers).

  • SESSION 1. Finding your "Up"

  • SESSION 2. Finding your "Down"

  • SESSION 3. Finding your "Arms"

Sessions 4-7. The Core

Sessions 4-7 focus on "Organizing the Core" of the body (the deeper layers).

  • SESSION 4. Finding your "Foot"

  • SESSION 5. Finding your "Length"

  • SESSION 6. Finding your "Back"

  • SESSION 7. Finding your "Head"

Sessions 8-10. Integrative

The last 3 sessions focus on the "Wholeness of the body.

  • SESSION 8. Finding your "Lower Half"

  • SESSION 9. Finding your "Upper Half"

  • SESSION 10. Finding your "Line"




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