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Can Rolfing help me? 

Rolfing can help so many body issues the list can be extensive. One of the biggest gains my clients recieve, is they learn how to move easier and more enjoyable. Activities such as walking, running or yoga can be even more enjoyable.


How does that change things? What's the value of feeling good in your body?

Body Awareness is underrated but not undervalued when obtained. Proprioception is the ability to feel where your body is in space. Body awareness goes beyond that, giving valuable treasures for clients to access how they are doing.


 As clients go through the 10 series, they develop a deeper relationship towards personal agency along with all the other good stuff, balance, support, and ease. 

General Questions: See first Visit


How About Asymetrical Patterns?

As a Rolfer, I am trained to see and gather information on how clients move throughout the day. We tend to do a lot of movement that isolates bits and pieces of us but in reality we are always using our whole body. 

Through the process of Rolfing, clients begin to gain back body awareness. As a team we find streategies to utilize this tissue opening to find more comfortable ways to sit, move or be in the world. 

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